Tomb Raider IV Mac Saved Games

About this archive

These are my saved games exactly as I went through the game and so there are many more saves than you would find in an archive meant to show just the main breakpoints. On the other hand, if you're having trouble with a particular jump, fight or puzzle, then most likely I had the same trouble and made a save just before and after that point.

I have made a point of finding all secrets in these games.

Sometimes there's a jump or dead end in the sequence numbering where I got killed, or doubled back to find something that I'd overlooked.

I did use walkthroughs, but only after the event so as to confirm that I hadn't missed any goodies -- if I did, then usually I went back and did it right, except in some of the later levels where I already had a vast excess of ammo and medipacks.

Directory of saved games